Abel Báguena (Valencia, 1994) is a young inter-disciplinary artist based in performance videoperformance, installation and self-portrait. Their artistic production encompasses questions inside of social interaction and social identity, centered in the aspect of gender and fluctuations of an identitary body as transceiver. By means of the use of self-portrayal they try to create a language with which to analyze their social and interactive environment. In their artistic production they use both their own physical identity and elements/objects, all related between them, to create narrative line and explain the relationship between the subject and the surroundings. The pieces they produce are at a cross between disciplines, where performance, installation, cinema, fashion and the narrative body interact in a same preconceived space. The objects inside of their pieces function by way of concepts with which, when interacting with the subject, create a visual poetry, with an open breach for readings both abstract and concrete, always considering both the formal reading, and the intuitive and primal, emotional one. Abel considers from the beginning the political and narrative potential of the body, even when it is implied in the same. Therefore, the conscience of the identitary narrative body exists, in a way that it creates ideas for itself in a piece, even without previous or explicit intention.



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